Atlantic Literary Studies in the Nineteenth Century

Northumbria's eighteenth-and-nineteenth-century studies research group is part of the new Institute of the Humanities, an initiative that brings together a range of disciplines to foster collaboration, innovation and cross-fertilisation. This research group reflects an interest in interdisciplinarity and transnational culture through a focus on literature in a global context. It seeks to consider dialogues and exchanges which transcend periodic and national boundaries, bringing together work on literature from Europe, the Americas and Africa. It offers new readings of literature through Atlantic connections based around migration, race, gender, sexualities and other significant ideological crossovers in the Atlantic World. This offers innovative perspectives on canonical and non-canonical authors as well as Romantic and Victorian literatures. It expands and extends our understanding of writing in this century and opens up new ways of interpreting and understanding the literary cultures of this period. Northumbria’s eighteenth-and-nineteenth-century research group invites applications from students who wish to undertake a PhD in this area and thereby build on the group’s strengths and interests. We invite proposals on any relevant area, but suggested topics include: Transatlantic Romanticism; transatlantic mobilities; the Black Atlantic (transatlantic accounts of race and slavery); genders and sexualities in the Atlantic world; reform and revolution; women writers.

The University of Northumbria has a large and lively postgraduate community in the Humanities. Our PhD students benefit from generous research space and resources in the recently expanded Glenamara Centre as well as the new Institute of the Humanities. PhD students develop a portfolio of skills and competencies through the Humanities Training Programme, the Teaching Shadowing Scheme, the annual PhD conference and the Graduate School’s Professional Development and Research Training Programme. In addition, students are provided with a research allowance for conference attendance and travel as well as funding to support the organisation and development of research networks, conferences and seminar series.

English, the international journal of literary studies from the English Association, is edited by a team from within Northumbria University, and successful candidates will have the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of the editing process.

Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities

Principal Supervisor: Dr Clare Elliott and Professor Clark Lawlor


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