TSA Book Reviews

Coming Soon: 

The launch of TSA Book Reviews Online. This initiative is the product of a collaboration between the TSA and Journal of Transatlantic Studies, and is designed to complement JTS Special Issues for 2016-17.

Kristin Cook (Secretary, Chair of the Publications Sub-Committee, TSA) and Michael Cullinane (Book Review Editor, JTS), with Alison Holmes (Publications Sub-­Committee, TSA), Ashley Cox (Web Manager)

special issue:

We are grateful to Routledge and to the JTS Editor, Alan Dobson, for arranging special access to a virtual issue of the Journal of Transatlantic Studies.

Those who wish to access the issue must simply register free with T&F/Routledge: http://www.tandfonline.com/r/jts-virtual-special-issue-2016.