2016 UK Presidential Survey

2016 UK Survey of Presidents 


The results of the 2016 survey will be published online on February 20 (Presidents Day) by the Presidential History Network steering committee.



Public Event: UCL, Institute of the Americas

The Presidential History Network will hold a public event at UCL on March 8 to deliver an analysis of the results and to take questions.



New book series (EUP)

Edinburgh University Press has introduced a new book series on the presidency, edited by Professors Sylvia Ellis and Michael Patrick Cullinane. New Perspectives on the American Presidency is designed to take advantage of the revival in presidential scholarship in the UK and the world. The growth of presidential studies has expanded the scope of study to include cross-disciplinary approaches, adding countless interpretations from a wider cast of “supporting actors” in political history. 

Central features of the series

New Perspectives on the American Presidency has three distinguishing features:

  • A clear focus on topical figure: The United States president remains the most powerful individual politician in the world and that makes presidential studies relevant and popular. This series covers the full chronological sweep of the office, from Washington to Trump (1789-2017) and will also aim to include future presidents.

  • Cross-disciplinary: While authors will investigate a political subject, books in this series will apply approaches from disciplines like history and cultural studies to expand our understanding of the presidency. Some further examples may include gender studies, memory studies, race, class, sociology, literary theory, or philosophy. From a political science perspective, we will draw on legal, institutional, and psychological perspectives and those that focus on the process of decision making. Taking particular advantage of new approaches like American Political Development, this series will provide a home for scholars working in a broad and diverse field that captures the interest of academic audiences and the general public.

  • The presidency does not exist in a vacuum. This series encourages a broad scope. Authors should investigate historical intersections with the presidency, and these can include any number of junctures, such as competing branches of government, domestic and transnational cultures, international relations, the media, trade and commerce, or other suitable subjects. Important themes can include presidential leadership; presidential “character,” presidential decision-making; presidential vision; presidential legacy; and presidential power.

For a full breakdown of submission guidelines, please visit the EUP website at: https://edinburghuniversitypress.com/new-perspectives-on-the-american-presidency.html

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2016 UK Presidential Survey

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