Learning and Teaching

First Learning and Teaching Forum at the TSA

At the TSA’s 14th annual conference in Middelburg, an engaged and entertaining open forum of approximately 25 colleagues met to consider the role of Learning and Teaching within Transatlantic studies.

Led by Learning and Teaching sub-committee panel members, David Ryan, Chris Jespersen and Simon Rofe, the conversation began with individual reflections on the state of learning and teaching, before posing questions on the pedagogy underpinning the field and how one may learn and teach 'transatlantically'? Indeed, how does one read 'transatlantically'? The absence of definitive answers to such questions serves only to prove the vitality and importance of this conversation within the TSA. 

The subcommittee will be sponsoring further events at next year's conference at the University of Plymouth, and welcomes contributions from all members.



Aims and Objectives of the Learning and Teaching Sub-Committee:

In order to make use of the expertise within its membership, and to contribute to the further development of teaching skills and resources, the TSA Learning and Teaching sub-committee has been set up to:

  • promote, support and encourage interaction and interchange on new ideas and methods
  • track and highlight new trends in transatlantic studies develop online teacher resource tools 

We encourage exploration of interdisciplinary learning techniques, approaches that encourage active learning, rethinking curricula, and improving the recognition of teaching among scholars in general.